Embracing Non-attachment



Embracing Non-attachment

     There are numerous benefits of embracing non-attachment with outcomes and materialistic things. It helps to bring in more blessings from the universe by removing stagnant and desperate energy of lack. It leads us towards spiritual enlightenment and allows us to enjoy the present moment so that we don’t take it for granted. Before we get into ways on how to emotionally detach from something, lets list what non-attachment is and what it isn’t.

What it is not:
  • Indifference
  • Giving up
  • Hate
  • Negative perspective
  • Not having goals
  • Allowing your happiness to depend on the outcome
  • Postponing your happiness towards the future instead of living happily in the present 


What it is:

  • Detachment from the total outcome
  • Focus on the journey of achieving a goal
  • Making space for how you feel about something and accepting it during the present moment
  • Enjoying the experience of working towards a goal instead of just focusing on the outcome itself
  • Realizing that being happy and enjoying the present moment now is what will lead you towards your goals faster and bring in more blessings from the universe
  • The release of one’s ego


     Non-attachment is the ability to let go of being in control of the world around you. It is knowing that you can only control your own behavior and how you deal with the world internally.  It is not about letting go of all your boundaries or letting go of desire for a certain outcome. Instead it is a change in perspective that receiving the outcome is not all that matters. Whether the outcome would make your life seem much better, strokes your ego, or signify that you’ve reached a goal, in the end it’s just a human experience.

     We’re all spiritual beings having a human experience. Every moment should be taken in and absorbed to the fullest. Enjoy every moment and learn as much as you can through each situation. Society today is very ego driven. If you take a moment to analyze your behavior and actions each day, you may find that many of your actions are not driven through love or purpose, but instead it is driven from ego. This leads to whether you’re able to differentiate your shadows and ego from your true self. (This will be elaborated in another blog)

     Overall, what you’re trying to manifest into existence is just another human experience. This is where you should ask yourself, “Is what I am trying to manifest driven from purpose or love? Or is it driven from ego and the feeling of lack?”

     If what you are manifesting is driven from purpose and love, all you need is a reminder that everything happens with divine timing. What your soul is calling you to do is being supported by the universe. Ninety percent of what is happening is moving behind the scenes while the remaining ten percent is what we see forming in the physical realm. Your spirit guides, beings of love and light, ancestors, angels, higher self, and the universe are all working behind the scenes interacting with your energy and vibration in order to manifest everything in your life with divine timing. What is meant to be yours will not pass you by.



     If what you’re working towards is driven by ego, ask yourself, “what is the real reason as to why I want this,” or,” will I truly be happy once I achieve this outcome? Will my soul truly feel fulfilled?” or, “Am I coming at this from the wrong angle? Am I manifesting from a feeling of lack and doubt?” Take a step back and reevaluate whether you placed too much value and energy into your goal. You might find that what you wanted may not truly be the best for your highest and greatest good or the highest and greatest good for others.  Also take a moment to shift your perspective to see why there is so much friction and resistance in receiving the total outcome. Is there a lesson spirit is trying to teach you and are you mentally open to that lesson? Everything happens for a reason and when we’re able to see the true lesson in our struggles, we obtain clarity and a greater understanding of the entire experience.

     Now, we are going to shift from the subject of learning a lesson from spirit to an entirely fabricated sense of struggle due to doubt. Are you creating your own mental friction from being so desperate and impatient in obtaining the total outcome? The first step in solving this situation is to accept that you’re frustrated and make space for any emotions that are arising. Ground yourself and redirect your arrow towards your objective. Do not deny your thoughts and emotions because that will only lead to manifesting with false hope. By taking the chance to observe yourself, you may discover the root of why you feel and react a certain way about something. By nipping the bud by the root, it will eliminate future repetitive cycles and save you from making the same mistakes.

     The trick to manifesting along with divine spirit and timing is to have full confidence that you are capable of achieving any goal or outcome. Even if there is struggle and resistance during your journey due to spirit teaching you a lesson, what you desire to create is entirely possible. We’re not perfect beings, but we’re perfect creators. If you are creating from a low vibration of lack and desperation, the universe will mirror your desire and give you more lack and more anxiety. You must keep a positive and high vibration filled with excitement and joy in order to call in just that! All living beings emit a frequency and vibration, and when we interact, we are interacting through frequency and vibration. Your thoughts and emotions all contribute to your frequency! Have you ever met a stranger and felt at odds with the person and something was off about them? This is exactly what was happening, your frequency and vibration were interacting with theirs! There was a dissonance with the thoughts and emotions between you two.



     These tips were what help me to manifest my dreams and goals! Everyone’s experience and tips are different. I urge you to be patient with yourself and enjoy the process! Often times we give up too early, but the moment we feel like giving up is truly the moment where our creative sight comes to fruition. I would love to hear your manifestation stories down in the comment section! Spread the positive motivation and advice to help others to manifest as well!


✶ Wishing you all love and light on your journey of being perfect creators! ✶



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