Full Moon Eclipse in Capricorn

Tonight's full moon is intensified due to its role as the precursor to tomorrow's (July 5, 2020) eclipse in the sign of Capricorn. This is the last eclipse in Capricorn that we will see in years to come. Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto has been concentrating their energy in the sign of Capricorn for some time now. Such intense transits will leave a powerful impact on our mental and physical energy for months to come. Capricorn has a lasting effect that is more long-term as opposed to short temporary transits. 
    • Capricorn and its ruling planet, Saturn, govern time, bones, and structures. Such coupling is meant to provide more wisdom and teach us to honor time.


    • Jupiter is the planet of expansion and growth. It is constricted in the sign of Capricorn directing us to look towards thoughts and ideas that are actually tangible instead of dreams and fantasies that are too far fetched than current reality.


    • Pluto is the planet of purging, releasing, and exorcising. The release of old established habits and systems along with regulations that help keep them. (Influence of Capricorn)


    • Note that there is no coincidence that this eclipse falls on Independence day here in the Unites States. 


    The old saying, "As above, so below," applies heavily on our daily lives when it comes to the influence of the planets. As a collective we’re purging old systems that no longer serve us. We're taking a look at the core and bone structure of our society and directing our focus towards new tangible pathways and results as we move forward.
    As individuals, I challenge you to look at the core and bone structures that shape your everyday life on a singular level.


        • Purge the habits, emotions, people, or pathways that no longer serve you.


        • Look at what your past experiences has taught you and collect the wisdom that it has gifted you.


        • Expand your present and future with ideas and thoughts that you can work on now in order to charge towards your ultimate dreams and goals.



    ✶ As always, sending love and light your way! ✶

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