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          As mentioned in my previous blog, we would cover the basics on differentiating your ego and shadow self from your true self. But before we assess your emotional trials and tribulations, we need to determine the health of your brain. If there are any health issues, we can cut through the confusion and assess the underlying problems first before we tackle the spiritual aspect of your journey. Here at Guided Ascension, we focus on mental health, fitness, and spirituality. I think we all know by now that mental health is brain health.

          This is why it is so important to highlight Dr. Daniel Amen’s work on combining imaging with psychiatry. You might have heard of him from one of his largest study on NFL football players and the damage football truly causes to the brain. He has 6 clinics across America with over 83,000 scans under his belt. He is the first psychologist to challenge the traditional way of treating psychiatric patients by incorporating MRI SPECT imaging.

          Psychiatry is the only medical field that does not look at the organ they are treating. Instead they throw darts in the dark by prescribing medications and performing treatments in hopes that it would work. How would you know if you didn’t look? Cardiologists, neurologists, radiologists, and other medical professionals all use imaging to look at what they’re treating. Why is psychiatry the only field that does not utilize imaging? Why is imaging in psychiatry only used for research? We will discover the scientific evidence of how imaging and psychiatry should truly go hand in hand. I’ll provide facts and mention studies from Dr. Amen’s work throughout this blog with their resources listed down below.

          In America, 51 % of people will experience one psychiatric illness once in their life. 29 % of Americans will experience two psychiatric illness while 17 % of Americans will experience three psychiatric illness. The most common ones are anxiety, depression, and addiction. Here are some known facts about them:

Alzheimer’s disease

  • Expected to quadruple in the next 30 years.
  • Apparently, there is “no cure” for such disease.
  • In America, it affects 50 % of people who are ages 85 and older.
  • It starts in the brain 30-50 years before any symptoms appear.
  • The important thing to remember is at no age is memory loss normal. Memory loss is a sign that your brain is deteriorating.




  • One of the greatest killers of our time. It affects 50 million Americans and increased by 400 % since 1987.
  • 23 % of women are taking anti-depressants yet are not aware that birth control decreases serotonin levels. (Don’t worry be happy chemical) This explains the drop in libido for some women after taking birth control.
  • Depression doubles the risk of Alzheimer’s in women and quadruples the risk in men.



  • Related to 30 medical illnesses.
  • Two-thirds of Americans are overweight and one-third are obese.
  • Based on a study by University of Pittsburg, obesity is inversely proportional to the size and function of your brain. Obesity correlates to a smaller brain and poorer function.


          Some may think Alzheimer’s, obesity, and depression are unrelated diseases. But they’re actually just different expressions of the same unhealthy lifestyle. They all have one cure! It is by changing your diet and habits! A healthy lifestyle has the potential to change generations. If you are healthy, your future generations will adopt the same lifestyle and be healthy too. Even if you’ve experienced brain damage or have already developed a brain disease, Alzheimer’s for example, you are not stuck with the brain that you have! You can potentially reverse the damage!



          Dr. Daniel Amen suffered from meningitis as a young soldier and played football in high school. When he scanned his brain at the age of 37, it looked horrible. By implementing a healthier lifestyle, his MRI SPECT scan at the age of 57 looked fuller, fatter, and healthier. AGAIN, you are not stuck with the brain that you have. You can reverse Alzheimer’s and Dr. Amen has proved it time and time again after collecting 83,000 brain scans and treating patients with Alzheimer’s disease.


Fun Fact:

  • As you age, your brain becomes less and less active. But here is the catch! Brain aging is actually optional! Neurons do not age, but your blood vessels do.



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The How-to

So, what do you do? How do you live a healthier lifestyle? What is the first step towards a healthier brain?

Here is a summary of the objectives:

  1. Get your important numbers checked
  • MRI SPECT Brain Scan
  • Screening tool – Webneuro analysis
  • Know your BMI
  • Blood labs


  1. Know your risks and reduce them!
  • Genetic Risks – Apo E4
  • Any prior brain injury (football, soccer, meningitis, etc.)
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Obesity, Metabolic syndrome
  • High blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular disease


  1. Brain warrior diet
  • Introduce a more colorful diet to your lifestyle. More veggies, fruits, foods that are low in the glycemic scale and high in fiber. Incorporate foods and spices that increase blood flow.
  • Avoid low fat diet! 60 % of the brain’s solid weight is fat!


  1. Mental exercises
  • Learn new things
  • Crossword puzzles/word games – left frontal lobe
  • Laughter – right frontal lobe
  • Memory games, musical instruments- temporal lobe
  • Sudoku, map reading, puzzles, and juggling – parietal lobe
  • Coordination exercises - cerebellum


  1. Physical exercises
  • Light physical activity such as walking and interval training. (interval training is incorporating sprints in between walks)
  • Avoid marathons and long intervals of running. Do not overstress the body.
  • Avoid sports that will damage the brain. (football, soccer, etc.) The brain has the consistency of butter that is housed in a hard skull with pointy ridges. It is very fragile.


  1. Sleep
  • Acquire 7-8 hours of sleep. The brain needs time to properly wash itself, clear toxins, and regenerate.
  • Get sleep apnea assessed. It is a major factor in gaining weight and lack of energy. It also increases the risk of Alzheimer’s!
  • Meditate more- it is proven to actually fire up the brain and increase its function!
  • Hypnosis- hypnosis also fires up the brain! (past life regressions)


  1. Hormone optimization
  • Avoid anything that hurts your hormones.
  • Avoid excessive sugar- sugar bursts decrease testosterone levels by 25 %. Your testosterone is associated with libido, sexuality, and virility.
  • Get rid of belly fat! Belly fat take healthy testosterone levels and turns them into unhealthy forms of cancer promoting estrogen.


  1. Decrease inflammation



  1. Beta amyloid reducing agents
  • When you do not have enough sleep, clumps of sticky gooey substances are formed in the brain and when they drop into nerve cell fields it causes short circuits
  • Get more sleep
  • Get adequate amounts of vitamin D
  • Curcumin


  1. Keep Tao proteins in brain cells
  • When Tao proteins escape neurons, it causes inflammation in the brain which leads to progressive degenerative illnesses. Tao protein is a latis network responsible for keeping the structure of cells intact.


  1. Boost Blood Flow
  • Anything that is good for the heart. Is good for the brain, is good for the genitals.
  • Our brain weighs 3 pounds (2 percent of the body’s weight), uses 20 % of blood flow and oxygen, and uses 20-30 % of calories consumed. Blood flow is very important!
  • Fun fact: 40% of 40 year olds and 70% of 70 year olds have erectile dysfunction. 


  1. Nutrients
  • Take important vitamins!



Please check out Dr. Daniel's presentations. You'll find life changing information that will help you on your journey to a healthier brain and an overall healthier lifestyle! 

 As Always...

✶ Wishing you all love and light! ✶


Please Click The Link Below To Access A Free Training Series On Brain Health!


  • Dr. Daniel Amen’s presentations:

  • Books and website:

  • University of Pittsburgh on the relationship between obesity and brain function -


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